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Alpha Betta

2D shooters often rely on spray-and-pray - Alpha Betta asks you to play with only one projectile. Did you know you can keep only 1 betta fish per tank? (Their parents let them watch highlander too early.)

Art: Jack Tolmachoff

Code: Izaak Sulka

Fish Facts: Mikalya Nelson
Music: [watchthisspace] by Liv3cat and Chuuno
Sound Effects: Zapsplat.com
Bubble Particles: Moonflower Carnivore

Special thanks to GMTK for hosting this game jam, Kariane Breden for feeding the hungry artist, and Ikran for being the true Alpha Betta. 

Thanks for playing!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Singleplayer, underwater, Unity


AlphaBetta_1.0.zip 27 MB


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This is such a fun game! I love the art style and mechanics. It was easy to follow and play through. I loved all the power-ups, especially our lord and savior scuba Jesus. The art work is lovely, and as a betta fan myself, the fish and power-ups are fun and whimsical. Overall, I would highly recommend this game! :D Awesome work! 

<3<3<3 thank you courtshark!


This is so addictive i love it!!!! And I loved Scuba Jesus and the fun little details that were added! great work guys :)