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Alpha Betta

2D shooters often rely on spray-and-pray - Alpha Betta asks you to play with only one projectile. Did you know you can keep only 1 betta fish per tank? (Their parents let them watch highlander too early.)

Art: Jack Tolmachoff

Code: Izaak Sulka

Fish Facts: Mikalya Nelson
Music: [watchthisspace] by Liv3cat and Chuuno
Sound Effects: Zapsplat.com
Bubble Particles: Moonflower Carnivore

Special thanks to GMTK for hosting this game jam, Kariane Breden for feeding the hungry artist, and Ikran for being the true Alpha Betta. 

Thanks for playing!


AlphaBetta_1.0.zip 27 MB


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This is such a fun game! I love the art style and mechanics. It was easy to follow and play through. I loved all the power-ups, especially our lord and savior scuba Jesus. The art work is lovely, and as a betta fan myself, the fish and power-ups are fun and whimsical. Overall, I would highly recommend this game! :D Awesome work! 

<3<3<3 thank you courtshark!


This is so addictive i love it!!!! And I loved Scuba Jesus and the fun little details that were added! great work guys :)